A glassy raw material for the glass industry.






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Nom : The company

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Since 1980 Calumite S.A. is located in Luxembourg to produce Calumite®.

- In 1991, Calumite S.A. invested into a new plant to increase capacity and to achieve new environmental standards.

- Since 1992, Calumite S.A. has operated Quality Management Systems in accordance with ISO 9001.

- In 2003, Calumite S.A. expanded activities in Spain with a subsidiary : Calumite Iberica based in Oviedo.

- In 2010, Calumite S.A. explored new markets with new connection facilities to seaport of Antwerpen.

Calumite S.A. is member of Fedil - Business Federation Luxembourg.


Nom : Product

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Calumite® is historically known as an alumina source used in soda-lime-silica raw material for glass production.

For many years Calumite® has also be studied by several labs and glassmakers.

Calumite® provides following benefits : improves glass melting, reduces fuel costs, improves glass quality, increases pull, reduces refractory wear, improves redox and glass color control.

Calumite® is considered as a sustainable raw material for glass production.

Calumite® helps glassmakers to be more environmental friendly.